Time needed: 1 minute.

Processing refunds with credit card orders in WooCommerce is a very easy process. Capital ePay has the capability to process full or partial transactions directly through the customers order.

  1. Click on refund in customer order

    Login to the customers order and click on the refund button. How to refund an order in WooCommerce with Capital ePay

  2. Enter refund amount

    Click into the refund amount section and enter the exact dollar amount. You can refund full and partial amounts. Enter refund amount

  3. Click on refund via Capital ePay

    Once you entered your amount, click on “refund via Capital ePay.” Process Refund in Capital ePay

  4. Refund completed

    At this point the refund will be completed, and funds will be returned to the customer credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account.WooCommerce completed refunded order

  5. Refund in the order notes

    You will also receive a confirmation in the customer order notes.WooCommerce refund in order notes

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