How to easily create a subscription product in Woocommerce utilizing WordPress and the Capital ePay payment gateway.

  1. Download the Capital ePay Payment Gateway

    Navigate to and download the latest version of Capital ePay.Download Capital ePay Credit Card Payment Gateway

  2. Create a Capital ePay Merchant Account

    In order to process credit card and check payments, you need to create a Capital ePay merchant account. Go to and fill out the merchant account application. Once it’s been approved, we will email you the plugin credentials. At this point, you will be able to immediately process payments. Capital ePay merchant account application

  3. Install WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

    You can download the WooCommerce Subscription plugin for WordPress here WooCommerce subscription plugin

  4. Create a New Product in WooCommerce

    Login to your website and navigate to WooCommerce. Hover over products and click on “add new.” Click on the drop down arrow next to product data, and choose “simple subscription.” This will activate the subscription functionality within the WooCommerce product.
    Creatiing a WooCommerce simple subscription product

  5. Configure a Virtual Subscription Product in WooCommerce

    In this section, you can configure a simple subscription, virtual or downloadable product. You can also enter your subscription amount, time frame, expiration date, sign-up fee, free trial and sale price. Next, add your product category, image and publish product. Create and configure a virtual subscription product in WooCommerce using WordPress

  6. Sign Up to a WooCommerce Subscription Product

    In this step, your subscription product is live and available for clients to subscribe to your product or service. Navigate to the product, click on “sign up now,” and it will be added to your cart.WooCommerce Subscription Product Sign Up

  7. Adding a WooCommerce Subscription Product to Your Cart

    Once the subscription product is in your cart, you will be able to review the subscription details and continue to checkout. WooCommerce Subscription Payment Cart

  8. WooCommerce Subscription Checkout Page

    In this section your customer will have the option to subscribe using a credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account. WooCommerce Subscription Checkout Page

  9. WooCommerce Subscription Credit & Debit Card Payment Processing

    The Capital ePay payment gateway will select the credit card checkout as your primary method of payment. WooCommerce and Capital ePay Credit Card Processig WordPress

  10. WooCommerce Subscription Checking & Savings Account Payment Processing

    The Capital ePay checking and savings account payment processing in an optional feature. This section can be toggled on or off depending if you want to use it or not. WooCommerce Check Payments Processing WordPress Capital ePay

How to create a subscription product in WooCommerce using WordPress & Capital ePay Payment Gateway