Time needed: 1 hour.

How do I accept credit card payments on my website? If you have clients that want to pay invoices on your website, then this is a good option to choose.

  1. Create a WordPress Website

    Most website hosting companies offer an easy way to create a simple WordPress website. Install WordPress and add your content. If you already have one then that’s great! Move on to step two. Create a WordPress website

  2. Install WooCommerce Shopping Cart

    Once WordPress is installed, navigate to the plugins section and search for WooCommerce. This is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress that lets you sell products, tickets, subscriptions and invoice payments. Download and activate the plugin. Download the WooCommerce shopping cart plugin

  3. Download Capital ePay Credit Card Payment Gateway

    In this step, navigate back to the WordPress plugins section and search for “Capital.” This will bring up the Capital ePay credit card payment gateway for WordPress. Download and install the plugin. Once you do that, you’re going to need a merchant account to process the credit card transactions. Go here https://capitalepay.com/product/capital-epay-merchant-account/ to submit a merchant account application.
    Download Capital ePay WordPress Credit Card Paymant Gateway

  4. Sign Up For a Capital ePay Merchant Account

    Once it’s been approved, we will email you the plugin credentials. At this point, you will be able to immediately process payments.Capital ePay merchant account application

  5. Configure Invoice Payment

    An invoice payment can be setup like a regular product in WooCommerce. We also use the “Name Your Price” WordPress plugin. This gives you the option to create a product where your customer can add their own price. WordPress Pay Invoice by credit card

If you have any additional questions or need assistance configuring the credit card payment, contact us at 1 (833) 932-7361