This newly released feature is a much-anticipated addition to an already robust and ISV-friendly platform. Split Payments allows for third-party integrators and their merchants to divide a previously processed and settled credit card transaction into multiple denominations, and then be remitted to direct deposit accounts on file within the Capital ePay/ ZiftPay platforms.

This new release allows our partners and merchants to more fully take advantage of Capital ePay’s payment technology, making it easier to track, reconcile, and pay out your downstream vendors, affiliates, and sales people all through one centralized system. It’s a huge benefit to those in any organization currently writing checks or sending ACH payments that were tied to a previously settled credit card transaction.

The addition to the Capital ePay payment technology offers companies an ability to provide a wide range of integrated omni-channel services to software developers, platforms, marketplaces, payment facilitators and merchants of all sizes.