Time needed: 10 minutes.

How To Add a WordPress Credit Card Payment Plugin.

  1. Install the Capital ePay WordPress Credit Card Plugin

    First you are going to login to your WordPress Website and navigate to the dashboard. Once there, hover over plugins and click on “add new.” Then type the word “capital” in the search plugins box. Select Capital ePay WooCommerce Payment Gateway. Click on Install now, then activate. (The plugin can also be downloaded directly from the WordPress plugin repository Download WordPress Credit Card Plugin)Install the Capital ePay WordPress Credit Card Plugin

  2. Activate the WordPress Credit Card Plugin

    Click on WooCommerce, Settings, Payments then Manage next to Capital ePay. Select “enable this payment gateway.” Once you complete the merchant account application, Capital ePay will email you your credit card plugin credentials. Activte WooCommerce Credit Card Plugin

  3. Create a Merchant Account

    To create a merchant account, go to the WordPress credit card merchant account application and fill out the form. Once this is completed, the system will create a merchant account and email you the login credentials.Capital ePay WordPress Credit Card Merchant Account Applicaltion

  4. Create Your Products in WooCommerce

    Login to WooCommerce, click on Products then add new. at this point you can create a variable product, subscription product, invoice payments and sell tickets online. (In order to create subscription and membership recurring payments, you’re going to need the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.)How to create products in WooCommerce

  5. Start Processing Credit Card Orders with WordPress

    Now you’re off to the races! Add a product to the cart and proceed to checkout. At this point you will see a credit card form directly on the checkout page. Once you process the order, an email will be sent to the customer and store owner confirming the purchase. How to process credit cards using WordPress

Here’s a video that beaks down the steps to adding a WordPress credit card plugin to your website.